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Bite Beauty's Cute Luxury Duo Lipstick is a Gem! (Makeup Review)

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My husband and I were reunited late last night after almost 3 weeks apart, so I apologize in advance if I am rather absent for the next few days. :-)

About Bite Beauty's Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo

Retail Price: $12

What it is: A bite-sized lipstick duo of contrasting shades.

What it does: This mini duo of twist-up bullets offer neutral or vivid lips on the go. Wear them individually or layer to create your own custom look. With every application, antioxidant Resveratrol fights free radicals with potent long-term age-repair benefits. Each lipstick contains the Resveratrol equivalent of two glasses of red wine, reducing fine lines and wrinkles on and around the lip area over time.

This set contains: 2 x 0.05 oz lipstick

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

What else you need to know: At Bite's Soho Lip Lab, these Fresh, Spring-forward shade combinations were spotted as a trend. Created with natural and food-grade ingredients, BITE Beauty lip products do not contain petrochemicals and are certified gluten-free.

My Review:

First Impression & Packaging...
I first heard about these double ended lipsticks from Beauty Broadcast and was really intrigued by it. There are two types of this lipstick, one vivid and one neutral. I don't think I need to tell you with I got. (The neutral, of course!)
I liked that these lpsticks are supposed to help erase fine lines as you wear them. Not that I have fine lines yet, but it can;t hurt to start now. :-) So when I was checking out at Sephora one day, I did an impulse purchase and added these to my basket. At only $12, I didn't feel like it was too expensive -- especially since you get two colors.
The little bullet was smaller than I expected, especially if you look at the box. But it actually makes it really easy for traveling with. I've been away from home for the past 2 weeks, and this was my go-to lipcolor that was easy to slide into my pocket or purse.
Product & Application...
When it actually comes to how this lipstick feels, I can't ask for more. It has a luxurious, moisturizing feel to it...but it almost has a mattifying finish. It's not completely matte, but nearly. It isn't staining -- and since these colors are natural and nude, I wasn't expecting them to -- but the color does last a long time on your lips. I find that I really only need to reapply if I'm eating or wiping my mouth.
The caps to this lip duo snaps shut, making me feel very comfortable when I throw it into my purse -- it isn't going to accidently open and decorate it's nearest neighbor! And the outside of the bullet actually feels soft, almost velvety. You know how the Lorac Pro palette feels? Well, it's almost like that. I love it!
Major Likes & Dislikes...
I love that I have two natural, but different, colors in one tube that I can use for any occasion. I've worn this duo for a day around the house, out shopping, to dinner, and even to a formal occasion. It's perfect for any occasion, and feels amazing on your lips.
The bullet is rather small, which can be considered a con. But at only $12, I feel that the quality of the lipstick makes it well worth it.
Final Thoughts...
I love my Bite Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo. It really does feel like your applying a luxury cream to your lips. And after you wipe it off, your lips feel moisturized.
Sorry this pic isn't as good as the previous one. Bad lighting. Will get better :-)
If you've never tried any of Bite Beauty's lip products, this duo is a great one to start with. I feel like you can't go wrong with the neutral duo. One side is a natural pink for any occasion and the other one is a darker pink/brown for nicer occasions. Definitely found a winner, here, and will no doubt repurchase when the time comes. Love it!

Question for My Readers: What is the most important thing you look for in a lipstick? Color? Feel? Staying Power?

I purchased the products mentioned above with my own personal money. I was not compensated in any way for posting this review. I only recommend products that I have used personally and believe will be beneficial for my readers.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Wedding Day, April 26th, 2014 (Picture Heavy!)

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This post has been a LONG time coming, and I apologize for that. When I set about revamping my blog, it completely slipped my mind until last week. I hope you will still find this post interesting and enjoyable, even though it's coming to you nearly 5 months after my wedding day.

So let's just dive right in. Since my wedding wasn't any different than a typical wedding, this post will be mainly pictures. I'll start in order of how this unfolded on my wedding.

For those who weren't following me at that time, I got married to the man of my dreams on April 26th of this year, 2014. The ceremony started at 2pm, followed directly afterwards with a reception. Because my husband is in the Navy, I was able to get married on base at the chapel and we used the Atrium next door to host the reception in. Everything was so lovely -- I'm blessed to know some very talented ladies who did all the decorating for the ceremony and reception. It was beautiful!

And now, to the pictures!

So, the morning of April 26th we started at about 7 o'clock (if I remember correctly) curling hair.
I had 6 bridesmaids, 3 flowergirls, my mom, and myself to get hair and makeup done by noon. Some of the bridesmaids helped do hair and I also had four friends come over that morning to help out. (My friends are amazing!)
If you are curious on what hairstyle I did on my bridesmaids, I have a tutorial on it HERE. I call it Boho Braids with Curls.
I know this might seem unusual, but I decided to do my own hair for my wedding. So after I finished my mom's hairstyle, I started on my own. I also did a tutorial on it, if you're curious. I kind of made it up as I went along, but I really liked the end results! You can find the tutorial HERE.
Now we skip over to the reception room. This is the seating for the wedding party.
The centerpeices for each table. I was blessed to know VERY talented ladies!
My cake topper. Which was also my mom's cake topper and my mom's mom's cake topper. :-)
I thought this was SO cute! It was placed at the beginning of the food table and also on either side of the doors where the ceremony was held.
Picture time for the guys! What a good-looking bunch :-)
And they can do pretty epic jumps in-synch with each other!
 And, of course, they had to do the traditional guy-getting-cold-feet picture. (Though why it's tradition I have no idea...)
 Then it was the girl's turn for pictures. The wedding gown I am wearing is my mom's -- just a few days shy of 26 years old. :-)
 My beautiful braidesmaids!!
 In case you were wondering, four of the bridesmaids are my sisters. One is my husbands sister. And one is my older brother's fiance (now wife). I'm sure you can guess who is who. ;-)
 And my three flower girls were my sisters as well!
 This is my family! At the time of this picture my older brother (on the right) was engaged and my older sister (on the left) is married with a little daughter of her own now. :-)
 Then we swapped things up and got some pictures with the bride and groomsmen...
 ...and groom and bridesmaids. :-)
 After that it was show time! After all the guests were inside we shut the doors and my wedding party waited outside. To make sure I wasn't seen, I waited with my dad around the corner of the building. :-)
 My youngest sister and little nephew made an adorable couple!
Me and my handsome father doing the most important walk in my life!
 My photographer got some really neat shots during the wedding!
 The first time we ever kissed! For a girl's first was pretty epic ;-)
 Our wedding bands. :-)
 Got to have a few funny poses thrown in. :-)
 For those who are interested: My mom and dad -- and my mom's mom and dad -- did this exact same post on their wedding day. I wanted to carry on the tradition and get a picture as well. And in her dress, too! :-)
 Because of our schedule, we decided to do the 'fairwell' after the ceremony and before the reception. So here we are getting into our ride.
 After a (very quick) ride around the base we walked around with the photographer to get some couple pictures.
A picture outside of the chapel we were married in. It was a beautiful day!
 Our first dance together as a married couple.
 I LOVE the harp and it was always a 'dream' to have it at my wedding. What do you know -- my husband had a friend who played and she graciously offered to bring it to the wedding. It was SO special!
 Father/Daughter dance. Such an emotional dance -- I love my daddy! It was the only time I cried that day...
 Mother/Son dance :-)
 We also did a Marriage Appreciation dance. My mom's parent's were the longest married couple there that day -- 50 years!
 Time to cut the cake! According to our guests, we were WAY too polite to each other :-P
 And, of course, I could not end the day without a picture with the two closest people in my life. My husband and sister :-)
And that was the end of my wedding day!

We spent our honeymoon in both Destin, FL and Boston, MA before flying to our new home in California.

We're only a week or so shy of celebrating 5 months married. My husband is so amazing and we've quickly bonded and grown as a couple. Not to say that we haven't had bumps in the road -- that comes with life -- but we learn how to ride them together, as a couple, and we get stronger each time. :-)

I hope you all enjoyed that. If you have any other requests or questions -- you know you just have to leave them in the comments below! Thanks for taking time to look at a special day in my life!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Physicians Formula has a Product that You NEED in Your Makeup Collection (Makeup Revew)

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This past week CVS had a pretty sweet deal on all Physicians Formula, so I took this opportunity to buy a back-up of my favorite neutral eyeshadow palette (which I have hit major pan on!).

Which made me realize that this was a perfect time to review this palette, since now I had a brand new one in the box! So, let's dive right in. If you've never tried this palette out before, you're really missing out!

I purchased the products below with my personal funds.

Physicians Formula's Matte Collection Quad Eyeshadow

Retail Price: $7.25

~ Fragrance-free. 

~ Hypoallergenic.

~ Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. 

~ Dermatologist Approved.

~ Silky smooth formula. 

~ Easy to blend.

My Review:

First Impressions & Packaging:
The first thing that grabbed my attention about this palette was the fact that all the shades were matte and varying shades of brown/taupe. :-) (You know this girl -- all about them mattes!) I hadn't really heard much about this palette, so wasn't sure how the pigmentation or lasting power would be.
There are three different quads in this collection, and I picked up the one called 'Canyon Classics'. The packaging is really cute, compact, and easy to take on the go. There's also a little double-sided doe-foot applicator inside, though I never used it and eventually lost it along the way.

Product & Application:
This compact palette quickly soared from an uncertain purchase to my all-time favorite eye palette to use. The colors are beautiful and suit my skintone perfectly when I want a more neutral eyelook for the day. Not that it's sheer or doesn't show up -- if I want, I can get a beautiful smokey eye with this palette!
The shadows blend out beautifully and I find it really easy to build up the intensity of the color, depending on if I'm doing a day or night look. I know that two of the shadows look very similar, but they're actually not. One works beautifully all over the lid and the other I blend into my crease as my contrast. They both work together perfectly.

Major Likes & Dislikes:
There are SO many things I absolutely LOVE about this palette. It's pigmented. All the colors are matte. It blends like a dream. You can easily take a look from day to night. It's travel-friendly.

You get the picture. ;-)
 When it comes to thinking of dislikes for this palette...I have a very hard time with that. One thing that I do notice is that if I'm doing a more intense eyelook and want to darken the outer V, I have to finish by using a different black (from my LORAC Pro to Go Palette) to intensify the color. 
The darkest shade in this palette is more of a smokey black or gray then a true, pigmented black. I personally don't have a problem reaching for another color when I need black. And for an every day look, the darkest color in this palette will suite me perfectly to darken my outer V.
Final Thoughts:
I'm pretty sure you can tell by this time (and because I said it's my all-time favorite palette, obviously...), but I absolutely love the Matte Collection's Quad Eyeshadows! If I'm ever doing my makeup and don't know what eyeshadows to use, I instantly grab this one and know that I will love the end results.
Swatched twice
As you can tell from the picture of my current palette, I've hit major pan on all of the shadows. That right there should tell you something --- while I wear eyeshadow on a daily basis, I've never hit pan on any of my other shadows.
This palette is definitely one that you need to have in your makeup collection. It's so dependable! And if you're wanting to get your first neutral eyeshadow palette, this is a $7 well spent. It will last you for a while and has the essential neutrals to give you a beautiful eye look every time.

Question for My Readers: What is your go-to palette for a neutral eyeshadow look? Have you ever tried this palette from Physicians Formula?

I purchased the products mentioned above with my own personal money. I was not compensated in any way for posting this review. I only recommend products that I have used personally and believe will be beneficial for my readers.

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