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My Top Ten Makeup Products!

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I've never shared with you my top 10 most-loved makeup products. I love reading/watching other beauty lover's favorites, so thought it'd join in the fun. :-)

These are in no particular order. They're just the top ten products that I've been absolutely loving recently!

1. Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer

I've raved about this for a while, and if you follow me on Instagram than you see this primer in every face of the day post. I tried several drugstore eyeprimers before I received this with my Lorac Unzipped palette. All the other primers worked, to some degree, but none of them ever held up for a whole day. This primer, on the other hand, holds up all day -- and then some! Whenever I use this, my shadows always look just as good by the end of the night. No fading, no creasing, and the color just as vibrant as when I first applied it. Love it! :-)

2. Physicians Formula Matte Collection Eyeshadow Quad

I just recently posted my review for this Classic Canyon quad, so I won't go into too much detail. Just know that this is the best drugstore matte palette I've ever seen or tried and I love it. It blends like a dream and stays pigmented all day. Read my review for more details.

3. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

I've been using this for about 6 months now, and I really love the results I get from it. It's very creamy and a pigmented, matte black. It lasts all day on my lids. It will rub off if you try, but since I use it on my lids (which I never rub) I don't have to worry about that. It lasts a long time! I don't think I've even hit the halfway mark with it yet!

4. Smashbox Hydrating Photo Finish Foundation Primer

As you can see, I only have a deluxe size of this product, but I love it. It's a lifesaver when my face gets really dry. Applying this before my foundation helps to hydrate my skin and keep it from looking flaky throughout the day. It's a liquidy primer -- not like water, but almost as thin and cool. I haven't taken the plunge to buy the full size...yet. :-)

5. Rimmel London ScandalEyes

When I reach for a black eyeliner to line my eyes, I like them to be really pigmented and dark. Rimmel's ScandalEyes works perfectly for that. It's pigmented, creamy and stays very well in my waterline. I prefer this liner over Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Zero -- I personally think it's way more pigmented.

6. Lorac Pro Palette

This one shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Lorac always has such buttery-soft shadows. A few months ago I was given this palette has a gift and I've been loving it ever since. All the colors in this palette are incredibly pigmented, soft, and just absolutely beautiful! :-)

7. Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer

I've tried several concealers -- both high-end and drugstore -- and none of them have worked for me very well. But this concealer really is amazing. It looks great under my eye, and also amazing concealing any acne marks. The consistency is very creamy and thick, but blends out beautifully. I haven't had this for long, but it's quickly replaced all other concealers I own.

8. Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

I just posted my review for this foundation earlier this week, so please check that out if you are interested. In short, if you want a foundation that is buildable and can give you either a light or heavy coverage, this is definitely the foundation to look into. I've been using it for about a year now -- on my second bottle -- and been loving it.

9. NYX Butter Lipstick

I purchased this on a whim, wanting to try out some of NYX's lip products. I personally like nude pinks for my lips, so this color (BLS17 Pops) looked right up my alley. And I was right. It looks great on my, feels super smooth, and is nice and pigmented. It's the perfect color to wear on an every-day occasion.

10. Airspun Loose Face Powder

I purchased this product last year during CVS' end-of-the-year beauty sale. It was marked 75% off, and I'd heard Tati at Glam Life Guru rave about it several times before that. I am really glad I picked it up! Whenever I want to set my makeup without wanting anymore coverage, this is the powder I grab for. I definitely recommend you try it out. You won't be disappointed!

Question to My Readers: Do we share any top favorites! I'd love to hear yours in the comments below!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation Provides Weightless & Long-Lasting Coverage (Makeup Review)

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Don't forget about my Facebook Giveaway that is goming on RIGHT NOW! I'm giving away a wide range of products -- from makeup, to skincare, to jewelry -- and it all adds up to well over $100 worth! Don't miss out. :-)

About Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Retail Price: $39

It feels like wearing nothing, yet Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Makeup transforms your complexion. Skin looks natural, illuminated and bright with a luminous demi-matte finish: like the beautiful skin you were born with. Light-diffusing spheres provide a visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blurring imperfections to make you look professionally retouched. It's the ultimate in ultra definition.

Naked Skin Liquid Makeup provides truly buildable coverage with a weightless feel and a luminous finish. And it's loaded with nourishing ingredients, including: Matrixyl 3000 (a powerful anti-wrinkle peptide), protective and brightening Litchiderm, antioxidant green tea and sodium hyaluronate for optimal skin hydration and nutrient absorption. The sleek, hygienic pump provides more control, with less waste of product. Oil- and paraben-free. Naked Skin Liquid Makeup comes in a range of meticulously calibrated shades. (And Urban Decay's precise shade numbering system makes it easy to find your perfect match.)

My Review:

First Impressions & Packaging...
I was originally recommended this product by a beauty-lover friend who, similarly to myself, deals with dry skin and hyperpigmentation. Her face always look flawless and natural when she was wearing this makeup, so that's what convinced me to purchase my first high-end foundation.
The packaging is beautiful. I love that it's in a clear, plastic bottle so that I can see when I am running low. And one pump of this stuff is the perfect amount to cover my face in a light layer. The foundation itself is very liquidy and blends really well.

Product & Application...
I use a brush and a stippling motion to help press the foundation into my skin. It can be easy to see streaks in this foundation, because it's so liquidy, but pressing the foundation into my skin (instead of swiping it) really helps to eliminate that issue.
As I mentioned, I have dry skin and have been battling with acne for a while now. My biggest demands for my foundations are that they cover my old acne spots and don't dry out my skin. This foundation really delivers in both areas!

This does have a slight fragrance to it. I can't put a finger on what it smells like (I seriously sat there sniffing my foundation for 5 minutes before giving up), but I don't find it unpleasant at all. And I never notice any smell throughout the day while wearing it, so it fades very quickly after application.
Major Likes & Dislikes...
As I mentioned, this foundation is very liquidy -- and the thing I like about that is that it gives you a very light application (that still provides coverage) and is very buildable. So I can customize it to my face's needs that day.
Some days, if I have a particularly dry spot, this foundation can look cakey and flake in that area if you build it up too much. But I've found if you just use a very light application over that spot, it won't cake up and won't be as noticble. The price is also pretty expensive...but compared to other foundations at Sephora, it isn't that bad. And with how well my skin looks with this foundation....I think it's worth it.
Final Thoughts...
I love this foundation! I've already used up my original bottle and purchased a replacement immediately. Another aspect I love about this foundation is that Urban Decay offers it in a WIDE variety of shades. So no matter what your skintone and color....I am pretty sure you can find your match. This is definitely the best foundation I have ever tried so far!

Question for My Readers: When it comes to foundation, which do you prefer -- high-end or drugstore? I find that I'm willing to pay more for high-end to ensure exact color match, long-lasting finish, and something that won't irritate or clog my pores. :-) I know you can find them in drugstores...but it's easier (for me) at Sephora. :-)

I purchased the products mentioned above with my own personal money. I was not compensated in any way for posting this review. I only recommend products that I have used personally and believe will be beneficial for my readers.

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10 Steps to an Easy, Neutral Eyeshadow Look using the Classic Canyon Palette (Tutorial)

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This is my first time doing an eye tutorial for you all. I hope you will be patient with me as I learn the ropes to creating a good step-by-step tutorial. With that said, let's dive right in and have fun! :-)

This is the eyeshadow look I ALWAYS go for if I don't know what to do. It's easy to do, looks great, and you just need one palette -- the Physicians Formula's Matte Collection Quad in Classic Canyon.
I will reference the picture with the numbers above so you know what colors I use. :-)

Easy 'Classic Canyon' Eyeshadow Tutorial

(I forgot to take a picture of this step (starting out strong, I know... :-P), but make sure you apply eye primer before beginning. I used the LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. :-)

And then you...

Step 1: Define Crease
Dusting my brush into Color 3, I use this shade to begin darkening my crease. You don't need it really dark -- we will work on it over time -- you just want to give some dimension to your eyelids.

Step 2: Dust Lid
Now that my crease is darkened, I like to take Color 2 lightly over my entire eyelid. Since this color is so close to my own natural skintone, I just use this as a base for my lid color (that I apply later on). If you are not this shade, select another shade that works for you. :-)

Step 3: Darken Outer Corner
Now I take Color 4 and use a pencil brush to concentrate this in the outer corner of my eyelid. I kind of form a "V", if you can see that.

I, personally, like to bring my darker shade about halfway into my crease (as you see in this picture). If this is not flattering for your eye shape, then just darken the outer corner.

Step 4: Apply Lid Color
Now is when I apply my lid color. I use the Color 1 on my lid. It looks really white, I know. But don't worry, I will eventually blend it all together :-) For now, just place it on the center of your eyelid and sweep it toward the inner corner of your eye.

Step 5: Blend!
Take your blending brush and dip it in either Color 3 or Color 4 (depending on how dark you want to go in your outer crease.) and use it to blend all the colors together. In this look I alternated the two colors. I used Color 3 to blend all the colors together and then topped it off with a little Color 4 to intensify the outer corner.

Step 6: Darken Lower Lid
Since I think it looks a little uneven when you don't do your lower lash line, I like to take a bit of Color 4 on a pencil brush and darken it up just slightly.

Step 7: Apply Eyeliner
If you've seen some of my eye looks on Instagram, than you know I personally enjoy doing a cat eye, no matter what the occasion. But, for this tutorial, I decided to just keep it simple and not wing it out. You can do whatever you like with this one, but I usually wear this eyelook with a bold, winged out liner. :-)

Step 8: Highlight Under Your Brows
Taking Color 1, apply this lightly right below your eyebrows as a highlight. The color is coming off very white in this picture, but in real life, it's a very soft, natural looking color that blends well into my skin color. 

Step 9: Apply Mascara
This step is pretty self-explanatory...just pile on your favorite mascara. :-)

Step 10: Line Waterlines
I like to take a black eyeliner and line my upper and lower waterlines. But if you don't like tackling that upper waterline (It's a struggle for me, too!) than just line your lower waterline. It really pulls the look together, in my opinion.

Final Results!
I totally forgot to take final pictures after I finished doing the step-by-step pictures, so I went back on another day, redid the look, and took pictures. Of course, I didn't remember to take them of the same eye. (...sigh...)

Oh well, I will get better at this! But at least now you can see that the results are always almost exactly the same both times. :-)

If you give this a try, I'd love it if you tagged me and used the hashtag #LadyKaty92 on all my social medias!

If you have any requests for future tutorials using certain eyeshadow palettes, leave them below! I usually stick to neutral brown looks, but I do enjoy trying a colorful look now and then, too. Love you guys!

Question for My Readers: What is your favorite part of your makeup routine? For me, it's definitely doing my eyes! If I were to get more specific, if would be winged liner. :-)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Doesn't Hit the Mark for Me (Makeup Review)

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Before we dive into today's review, I just wanted to let you know that my dad's eBook, Do You Even Have a Parachute?: The Job Seeker's Quick Guide, is FREE today only!

This is a really awesome book if you are trying to get a job or preparing for a job interview. It's short and to the point, so don't miss out on today's deals!

About Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Retail Price: $49

Too Faced Co-Founder and Creative Director Jerrod Blandino was inspired to combine the power of antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and makeup while having a chocolate facial and learning about the benefits of cocoa at a Hawaiian spa. Based on this inspiration we created our best-selling bronzer Chocolate Soleil and then Milk Chocolate Soleil and have now added the Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette. 

The Chocolate Bar experience begins as soon as you open the palette and the smell of sweet chocolate envelops you. The eye shadows are pigmented with pure, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and includes 16 matte and shimmer shades of natural browns, delicate pinks and luscious plums. Includes our signature how-to Glamour Guide with three looks to get you started.

My Review:

First Impression & Packaging...
Before I begin, let me just say that I think I am the only one who feels this way about this palette. Not sure why I'm the odd ball out, lol, but this is my honest opinion.
There is NO mistaking that the packaging for this palette is spot on -- deserves 5 gold stars! It's designed like a chocolate bar and has a really sturdy metal case. And since my all-time favorite color is brown and I LOVE chocolate...yeah, the packaging made me really happy. :-) The magnetic clasp is fairly strong, too, so there is no fear of it falling open accidentally.

Product & Application...
I was really excited to dive into this palette the moment it arrived at my doorstep. I grabbed my camera and tried some swatches on my arm....and wasn't too impressed. A few of the colors were beautiful and buttery soft (like the LORAC shadows that I love), and I liked them --- but there were more than a few shades that felt dry and rough.
Applying them onto my eyes looked and felt a bit better. The shadows with sparkles had some pretty significant fall out (I do my face after my eyes, thankfully) but the finished results still looked great. The matte browns that I used for blending were beautiful. Definitely my favorite 3 out of the whole palette!
Major Likes & Dislikes...
The darker shades that had sparkle were really dry and rough to the touch, almost to the point where I felt it would work as an exfoliant (not really, lol, but ya know...). The pretty shimmery pink shade was very soft, so soft that one corner broke off. And I'm not rough on my shadows at all. (You can see the soft and dry ones in my picture swatches below)
First Row
My favorite aspect of this palette would have to be that it smells like chocolate! Rather lame 'favorite', considering this is almost a $50 palette. I did like the shade Marzipan (aside that it was very crumbly), but I have a color from a Wet n Wild palette that gives me the same look/finish, so...
Second Row
Final Thought...
This palette is very unique in that it's a neutral palette, but has many colors that other neutral palettes do not. (the beautiful green, violet, burgundy, golden brown). I think if you are looking for your first neutral palette to invest in, this would definitely be a good one to get, as it will give you more variety in colors and finishes than the other high-end neutral palettes that I've seen.
Third Row
For me, though, I just found that I had a dupe for just about every shade in here that I already owned. So when I would do my makeup, I often would just pull out my other shadows or palettes. While Too Faced's Chocolate Bar palette is a good palette with pigmented shadows, it sadly isn't one I reach for often.

Question for My Readers: Are you an avid makeup collector, or do you only like to own makeup products that you use? I find myself *wishing* I was a collector, but when it comes down to bothers me when I have makeup I don't use.

I purchased the products mentioned above with my own personal money. I was not compensated in any way for posting this review. I only recommend products that I have used personally and believe will be beneficial for my readers.

Monday, October 13, 2014

It Cosmetics 'Your Most Radiant You!' to be Featured on QVC October 14th!

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I've shared a few QVC's Today's Special Value with you in the past -- once featuring It Cosmetic's CC Your Way to Beautiful Skin and then another time featuring their IT's All About You collection. Today I have yet another wonderful collection by It Cosmetic's that will be featured on QVC's Today's Special Value TOMORROW, October 14th, starting at midnight!

If you're not familiar with how QVC works, each day they decided on one item to feature as a "Today’s Special Value". These items are offered at an exceptionally low price beginning midnight (ET) until 11:59 PM (PT) that day.

About It Cosmetics

Developed with leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists, IT Cosmetics® creates clinically-proven, innovative problem-solving makeup and skin care products that harness cutting-edge, anti-aging technologies and high-performance skin-loving ingredients to provide you with serious beauty solutions that help you look and feel your most beautiful!

Co-founder and CEO Jamie Kern Lima, who suffers from rosacea, sparse brows, hyperpigmentation and problematic skin, works hand-in-hand with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to create innovative, high-performance products with a laser focus on solving women’s beauty problems. Prior to launching IT Cosmetics, Jamie Kern Lima was an award-winning TV news anchor. She also graduated Valedictorian from Washington State University and received her MBA from Columbia Business School. IT Cosmetics is sold in ULTA Beauty Stores nationwide, and is a top color cosmetics brand on both QVC and The Shopping Channel Canada.

For more information, please visit  – IT’S truly your beauty, but better™!

Your Most Radiant You! 5-Piece Collection

The five-piece collection includes Celebration Foundation Illumination and the brand new CC+ Radiance Ombré Blush to help you achieve your most luminous skin. Be one of the first to experience the worldwide launch of Hello Lashes Extensions that will give your lashes a reason to wink! It comes paired with the No-Tug Gel Eyeliner to give your eyes the attention they deserve.
Help transform your complexion and eyes with makeup that looks and feels like your skin but better for your most radiant you!

This was the first time I was able to receive the collection before the collection went live on QVC, so I'm really excited to share with you my own pictures and initial first impressions of the products! Let's take a look!
The collection comes safely packaged in this box, complete with an informational booklet on each product and a few samples of other It Cosmetic products.

Celebration Foundation® Illumination Full Coverage Anti-Aging Foundation
This foundation provides full coverage and illumination to your skin. Infused with peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients to nourish your skin and to help skin appear younger-looking, Celebration Foundation Illumination will never crease or crack and is also infused with Drops of Light Technology®.

My First Impressions: I own another It Cosmetics powder foundation that I really love, so I am pretty confident that I will love this one as well. It's so buttery soft and swatched very pigmented and creamy on my finger. The brush that it comes with seems a little useless, but I am sure I'll find some other use for it in my makeup routine. :-)

New! Hello Lashes® Extensions 24HR Mascara
This brand new mascara helps you achieve the look of false lashes. This five-in-one, clinically proven 24-hour wear mascara features the blackest black melted nylon fibers infused into our volumizing and lash-loving Hello Lashes Mascara to help you achieve long, thick and dramatic lashes in one quick coat application! Infused with lash-enhancing and conditioning ingredients, including vitamin B5, peptides, collagen, proteins and green tea.

My First Impressions: I haven't tried this on my lashes yet, so it's really hard to give you a first impression. But I can tell you that the wand looks very promising -- I like that the end of the wand is feathered out, instead of just cut blunt. This means I'll be able to get the inside corner of my lashes really well, which is something I like to do. The formula appears to be very black and very wet, so definitely promising.

New! CC+® Radiance Ombré Blush 
It Cosmetic's brand new blush is the perfect balance of color and luminosity, blending from matte to pearlized radiance – it's a blush and highlighter in one compact. Formulated to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines, this anti-aging, color correcting formula in the perfect pink shade of Je Ne Sais Quoi® is beautiful on all skin tones.

My First Impressions: I love the idea of a pearly highlighter and matte blush in one compact. I admit I'm a little skeptical of how this will work over a longer period of time -- not sure if the two will become mixed together. But I plan to be careful and take advantage of this matte blush. I love matte blushes!

No-Tug® Waterproof Gel Eyeliner 
This gel liner is clinically proven to remain waterproof for up to 12 hours without tugging the delicate eyelids. Highly pigmented and anti-aging in both its application and its ingredients, this eyeliner is formulated with skin-loving hydrolyzed collagen, silk, rose and antioxidants.

My First Impressions: I like the color that they give you in this collection -- it's a brown/black. So I can use it for those days that I don't want a deep, dark black, but I do want something with more pigmentation then a brown. I swatched it on my arm, and it hasn't budget a bit. I've rubbed it multiple times, to see if it will smear or fad, and it's held up really well.

Heavenly Luxe® Double Airbrush Foundation Brush
This brush features dual fiber brush hairs that flawlessly work to blend foundation onto your skin and help blur away imperfections. You don’t need to be an expert – IT does the work for you!

My First Impressions: It Cosmetics brushes always feel and look extremely high quality. The price tag on these brushes are pretty high, though, so the fact that they always include a brush in their collections is really nice. 

This brush is super soft and, because it has different length bristles, it almost feels feather-light when you brush it over your skin. I can totally see how this would give you an 'airbrushed' appearance. Not sure if you would be able to get a full-coverage application, but I think it will be perfect for those every-day makeup looks. :-)

Details on It Cosmetic's  QVC Feature

Your Most Radiant You! Five-Piece Collection goes beyond beauty. This Today’s Special Value® is scheduled to debut on QVC®

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at midnight (ET)

Friday, October 10, 2014

My Ideal Palette Tag! (Created by Carah Amelie)

Posted by Katie Garvin at 10:00 AM 2 comments
I'm so sorry for my absent on Wednesday. My day was really busy on Tuesday and I got so mixed up on my days I didn't realize a post was due until Wednesday afternoon.

For today, though, I have a fun tag to share with you all. I tag everyone to do it -- I enjoyed it!

Oh, also, a giveaway on my Facebook page just went live. If you want to win some sweet makeup products, go check it out!

This tag is pretty easy -- all you have to do is create your own, ideal palette from the shadows you love. Make sure to follow these simple rules.

2 Highlight Colors
2 Lid Colors
2 Crease Colors
2 Outer Corner Shadows
2 Bonus Shadows
Palette Packaging

So let's jump right into discovering what eyeshadows would make up my ideal palette. :-)

My Ideal Palette Tag!

2 Highlight Colors
My favorite eyeshadow to use as a highlighter is, without a doubt, the cream shade from Physicians Formula's Eyeshadow Quad in Classic Canyon.
I use it on a daily basis, it works out perfectly for my skintone. My second choice for a highlight shade is from the Lorac Pro palette and is the shade called Cream.
It's a bit lighter, but I just dab my brush into it really lightly and it works well to highlight under my brows or my inner corner.

2 Lid Colors
If I want to do a colorful eye look and I'm not sure what to do, I always grab for the Wet n Wild trio Walking on Eggshell's lid shade.
It's the prettiest pigmented pink color that has a really nice shimmer to it once applied on the lid. The next shade would be one called Schitzo from the Balm's Nude Tude palette.
It's a beautiful shimmery brown shade that I love to use on my lid when I want a smokey look.
2 Crease Colors

Crease colors have to be my favorite, so this was definitely the hardest two to pick in this tag. :-) My top favorite, though, is definitely from Physician Formula's Matte Collection Quad in Classic Canyon.
It doesn't have a name, but it's the shade right underneath my crease color. It's just a few shades darker than my lid, looks natural, and blends like a dream. :-) The other shade would be from the Lorac Pro palette called Taupe.
This shade is pretty similar to my first crease color, but this one has more warmth in it, whereas the Physicians Formula one is a cooler tone. I love them both!

2 Outer Corner Shadows
My choice for the two corner colors are both from the Lorac Pro palette (I know, I love that palette!). First one is the color Black.
I have several shades of black, but this is the one I always reach for. It is so pigmented, I love it! The next shade is their Espresso.
This is the shade I reach for if I don't want to use black in my crease. It's really dark, but not as dark as black. And it works great for those natural days :-)

2 Bonus Shadows
I'm so glad that Carah decided to put this option in this tag. :-) the first one I picked right away was from Wet n Wild's Comfort Zone palette, the green lid shade. Green really compliments my eye color, so of course I had to include it in my ideal palette.
The great thing about the two Wet n Wild palettes I've mentioned are that they are incredibly soft and pigmented. It only takes a little bit to get a beautiful color on your eyelid. With this green shade it works best with a white base, as it really brings out the color. The next shade would be from Lorac's Unzipped palette in the shade Unbridled
If I am doing an evening look with a pink eyelid, then I usually like to use this liberally in the outer V section and maybe just a touch of the black to give me a really pretty eye look for the evening.

Palette Packaging
I like streamline packaging, so out of all the palettes I own, Lorac's Pro palette is definitely my favorite. :-)
It's really thin and has a nice size mirror inside, too. I also like how it feels. True, it can look a bit dirty, but I just wipe it down every now and then, I don't mind it. :-)

My Complete Palette
So here's all the colors that would be in my Ideal Palette, if I was able to make one, that is. :-) Here's what the swatches look like on my arm.

Whoever would like to do this tag is welcome to, so don't feel like you can't. But I am specifically  tagging the following people. If you don't know them...go check them out! They're awesome bloggers/vloggers. :-)

Elle --- ElleSees
Stephanie --- The Fantasia

I've never tagged a Youtuber before, but I love watching Dani's videos and would LOVE to see what kind of palette she would put together. :-)

Question for My Readers: What are your top favorite shadows? What brands are they from? If you don't have a blog to do this tag on -- leave all your answers in the comments below! And if you do post this tag, leave your links below so I can check them out!

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