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Today's the DAY, with a grand mix of medieval and biblical! (Day 6, Lisa Bergren & Jill Smith)

Posted by Katie Garvin at 4:00 AM
Woo-hoo!!! Today, exactly two years ago, I posted my first blog post!!!!

Yay! Today is THE day!! Two years ago, exactly, I published my first post for Legacy of a Writer. Curious what I said? Well, you can go here and read it. I've come a long way since beginning this blog just to bring updates on my writing. And I'm glad I have! It's been awesome getting to know y'all through Legacy of a Writer!

I am still planning on giving away an additional book to someone who has entered my blogiversary...if we reach 200 followers. We only need less then 20 people, so pass the word on!!! And don't forget that the giveaway doesn't end until Monday, around noon. I will post winners sometime after that. So keep your fingers crossed till then! It's been great reading and replying to all your comments during this blog party.

Down Memory Lane!

On that day, the last day of my blogiversary, I brought an oh-so yummy looking dessert called Layered Turtle Cheesecake. Oh. My. Word. That tastes SO good. Especially if you love cheesecakes. (Which I happen to like...after chocolate, of course! ;-)

And then I had the pleasure of having four authors--Cathy 
Bryant, Judith Miller, Anny Shorey, and Penny Zeller. It was so much fun talking with these ladies and reading about their books. I featured each of the first two books in their series. If you haven't heard of any of these authors, do check them out.

Let's Talk With Bathsheba...

There will be two character interviews for today. The first one being Bathsheba (One of King David's wives, remember?) I read this book the beginning of last year and really enjoyed it, as you can see. One of my top favorite biblical fictions! Let's give right in...

Warning: Mild Spoilers (though nothing more than you can read in the Bible!)

Katie: Welcome Bathsheba! So glad you could make it today! Just as a quick catch up, how are things with you since we last heard from you in Jill’s accounts?

Bathsheba: I assume you mean, how do I fare since my son took his place at my husband’s side, ruling in his stead?

Life has been difficult. I have buried two husbands. First (many years ago now) I lost Uriah, and just recently, our beloved King David. My son, Solomon’s rule has been peaceful, but only since he was forced to execute his half-brother, Adonijah. I still shudder to think that I did not see his brother’s duplicity. When Adonijah could not take the throne by force, he tried to gain it through subterfuge. If not for Solomon’s wisdom, the whole episode could have ended worse than Absalom’s treachery. Still, it is not easy to make such choices.

Katie: How many kids did you end up having with David?

Bathsheba: Kids…in my culture this means young goat. I would have to check with the king’s stewards for an accounting of the young goats in Uriah’s flocks. (I have an inheritance from Uriah’s holdings, but the flocks of King David were passed to my son, Solomon.)

As for children, we had five sons, though one did not live long enough to name him.

Katie: Haha, yes, I meant children. Sorry, that was my bad. :-) Well, as Jill might have mentioned to you, today is a pretty special day, as I’ve been blogging for 2 years now. Just out of curiosity…what has been one of the greatest achievements in your life?

Bathsheba: Life is filled with many choices. I do not measure my successes or failures, but I am grateful, and rightly proud of my Solomon. He is a wise king. If God wills, he will be greater than his father.
I would say that the greatest thing I had to overcome in my life was to forgive David for what he did to me. When God took our son…I did not want to live. It is hard to see your own sin when another wrongs you so completely. But in the end, I not only forgave him, I came to love him above all men. He was very dear to me and sorely missed.

Katie: I can’t imagine how hard that was for you both, but that’s so wonderful that you both were able to overcome that, with God’s help, and have a special relationship with each other. What is the biggest holiday or event that you celebrate in your time?

Bathsheba: We have seven feasts we observe each year. Four in the springtime, three in the fall. Passover is the biggest of these events, commemorating our deliverance from Egypt.

Katie: As I read about all that you have gone through in Bathsheba, I’m curious what you have learned through your experience. Any words of wisdom to share?

Bathsheba: Be content with what God has given you. Discontent can cause a woman to become disillusioned with her life, and that can lead to temptation. Don’t give in to such thoughts. While God is merciful, regret is a difficult taskmaster.

Katie: Thank you for such wise words. God is a merciful God. Thank you for joining me here today. It's been a pleasure doing this interview with you.

...and Lord Rodolfo Greco!

And---I'm so excited about this---I also have Lord Greco.

THE Lord Greco!!!!

*Squeal* I was SO stoked when he agreed to be interviewed. As those of you who know me well already know...I have a serious crush on this fictitious character. If there was a way to go back in time with Gabi and Lia...yeah, I'd jump at it just to meet this guy! Alright, enough of my rantings. Let's get to it!

FYI: There are NO spoilers in this interview!

Katie: Lord Greco, it is quite an honor to do this interview with you today! I have had such fun reading about all your adventures with Gabi and Lia through Lady Bergren’s accounts.

Lord Greco: Thank you, Lady McCurdy. I am honored by your interest.

Katie: From what I hear, she’s going to continue on, telling us of your adventures. When we left you in Torrent, you were kind of down. Do things start looking up in the next volume?

Lord Greco: Life has taken several turns I did not foresee, but life is rather unpredictable, is it not? And yet, what is the alternative? To not live at all? Nay, that would be unacceptable. So while I continue to struggle, I strive to see good in it all.

Katie: Yes, life can be very unpredictable! But, true, better to live than not at all. Well, as Lisa might have mentioned to you, today is a pretty special day, as I’ve been blogging for 2 years now. What has been a great achievement in your life?

Lord Greco: Coming to the aid of my dearest friends.

Katie: A very noble achievement, as readers can see in Torrent. Birthdays are always lots of fun, at least where I live. How about over there? How would you celebrate someone’s birthday?

Lord Greco: Life is hard-won here in Toscana. We celebrate each year with a cake made with eggs and honey, as well as some sort of minor feast for noblemen.

Katie: Sounds fun! What is the biggest holiday or event that you celebrate in your time?

Lord Greco: We just completed it. Christmas Eve through Twelfth Night is one, long, celebratory feast of our Lord.

Katie: Oh wow, that sounds like some celebration! After all the adventures you have gone through with Marcello, Luca, Gabi, and her family, what words of wisdom or advice would you give a young reader? Anything you have learned along the way that really stuck out to you?

Lord Greco: Listen to your tutors and learn all you can. But pay attention to the wisdom within, that that our Lord gives us all. For at times, a man’s head tells him to do one thing, and his heart another. Time and again, following my heart has led me to the most fulfilling moments of my life. There has been trial along the way, yes, but there has also been triumph.

Katie: Great advice. Thank you so much for joining me here today. I’ve had so much fun today. See you next time, in Bourne!!

Time for Some Gift-Giving!

For today, we have two giveaways! One person will win a copy of Bathsheba by Jill Eileen Smith and another person will win one of the books in the River of Time series by Lisa Bergren (Winner's choice!) Too awesome, eh? The main rules are the same as they've always been. You MUST be a follower and you MUST leave your email address. If not, I can't include you in the drawing.

Mandatory Entry:

For those of you who have read Cascade: Who does Lord Greco save Gabi from when he intervines and takes her as his prisoner? (Too hard? Can't remember? Just answer below!)

For those who haven't read Cascade: Going back to the sixth, and last, day of my 1st blogiversary, how many entries/comments did I have? (easy-peasy, right?? :-)

Extra Entries:

- Old follower (+2) Thanks for being a faithful follower!
- New follower (+1) Just cuz I'm nice! :-D
- Tweet about this giveaway (+1 per tweet) Only 1 tweet per day. Leave a link.
- Post about giveaway on Facebook (+1)
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All winners for this blogiversary will be posted on Monday, January 16th. So, the giveaway is open until then! :-)


Julie said...

What a great wrap-up to your blogiversary week Katie! Once again Happy 2 year anniversary. I look forward to seeing what's in store for your 3rd year. An interview with Lord Greco?! Wow! Lucky you! How fun each interview has been!

Julie@My Only Vice

KindleObsessed said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! Wonderful post.

Bluerose said...

Happy Blogoversary!!!!!!!!!

There were 32 comments, but 39? entries.

I still need Cascade, so I can read the other two that are patiently waiting for me! :)

+2 I'm an old follower.

+1 I tweeted!/BluerosesHeart

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Jen said...

You had 32 comments. I want to read the river of times series so much, it sounds amazing.

I am a follower.

I posted on about the giveaway one facebook.

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Margaret said...

32 comments, I'm an old follower and thank you for the giveaway!


Melanie said...

Happy Blogoversary! The cover for Bourne looks so good! I'm looking forward to reading it! :)

I've read Cascade (and loved it!), but I can't remember who he saves her from... I'll have to go look it up... LORD BARBATO! :)

I'd love to win Bathsheba (since I already have all three books by Lisa Bergren... unless she is giving away an eBook copy of Bourne, then I'd LOVE to win that! :)

+2 old follower

BTW, I loved the interview.

frequentreader19 (at) gmail (dot) com

Kara said...

Great job on bringing the characters to life, Katie, well done!
Please do not enter me for today, just wanted to say congrats to you once again on 2 years running! You did a fabulous job this week with each post and I enjoyed every bit of it :) Best wishes to EVERYONE who entered and thank you Katie for such a tremendous giveaway!
I look forward to seeing more of your journey in this blog and in your writing :) Have a great weekend and God bless you!
PS. I have Waterfall, but haven't read it yet. This series does look awesome and I look forward to reading it :)

Crystal said...

Happy Blogoversary Katie!!! I'm definitely gonna come to you when it's time to plan my celebration cause you sure do know how to throw a blog party!! =D

That's so AWESOME you got to interview Lord Greco!!

apple blossom said...

cool books.
thanks for chance to win


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apple blossom said...

old follower#1

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Ali said...

I am a follower I put your add on my side bar. You received 32 comments. Would love to win a book.
Alicia from Ny

apple blossom said...

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apple blossom said...


ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

apple blossom said...

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apple blossom said...

posted the giveaway on my blog#2

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Patricia said...

At your blogiversary you had 32 outstanding comments.

Thanks for the giveaway!

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Rachelle said...

Oh, my, I had to think about that Cascade question, Katie, and I thought it was Lord Paratore, but it looks like I was wrong (Lord Barbato it is!). And I thought I knew the series...*shakes head.* Oh, well, must re-read! And *happy squeal* Bourne looks fab! Can't wait to get my hands on that one!

I'm an old follower, and I'd love to win Bathsheba, unless, of course, Bourne counts as a prize! :)

Rachelle said...

I knew it! I forgot to give my email address here, too. So sorry, Katie.

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Charity U said...

This is the best day yet! Both books I dearly want to read. Please enter me for both...either "Bathsheba" or "Cascade." :) Thank you!

Oh. My. Word. That is the most delicious cheesecake picture I've ever seen...and I've seen it many times on Taste of Home's first Holiday book. :) 32 comments! And there are mine, right at the top. Seriously? I've read this blog for that long? How wonderful. :) I KNEW I loved it.

Kay. Old follower. +2.

And I've posted!


Emily Rachelle said...

My email is, and I guess I'm an old follower... since I followed before the giveaway, that's old right?
Haha, +2 I think.
Also, you had 32 comments (!) on that particular post.
Oh, and immagonna share this on Facebook, so +1 :)

Diane said...

32 comments and congrats on the anniversary.

I have to admit I have not read any of the series but have only heard GREAT things about it and would love to. :O)

old follower.....

estrella8888 at roadrunner dot com

Christianfictionaddiction said...

Happy blogiversary! You have a great blog!


Elizabeth K. said...

Great interviews here today, Katie! Well done, what a fun blog party you've thrown!
I'm already a follower, and my email is ekaiserwrites(at)hotmail(dot)com.
And you had 32 comments on last year's post.
Goodness! What a lot of comments! ;-)
Thanks for the fun chances!

Jackie S. said...

I would LOVE to win Bathsheba...have read Jill's other books and loved them!
I subscribe via E mail.
You had 32 comments!

Casey said...

*not an entry*

Just wanted to wish you a very HAPPY Blogiversary!!! I'm so glad I know you, Katie. :D

Lisa Tawn Bergren said...

Happy blogoversary, sweet friend! So proud of you...and grateful for your continued support of River of Time! (Lord Greco thanks you too.) xoxo

Kendra Lynne said...

I'd love to enter! just comment on my blog if I win. And I think Lord Greco saves Gabi from Paratore, am I right?

Kathy said...

I am a new follower.

Kathy said...

You had 32 comments,


Kereesa said...

Thanks for the giveaway!! And Happy Blogiversary as well!! I'd love to read either Torrent or Waterfall (I only have Cascade-it's getting pretty lonely on my shelf :P) You had 32 comments!

New Follower: GFC: Carissa St. Amand

thriftshopgrrl AT hotmail DOT com

Gwendolyn Gage said...

Hi Katie!

To answer your question, Greco saves Gabi from Lord Barbato (sp?) Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these books!


sarah elizabeth said...

I'm a LOAW follower!


sarah elizabeth said...

Oh, I forgot to answer the question, silly me! I've not read any of the River of Times series (but I REALLY) want to! 32 is the answer to the comments question. ;)


sarah elizabeth said...

I'm a NEWISH follower! =)

Judy said...

You had 32 comments!

Old Follower.

Posted about giveaway on FB!

Congrats on your blogoversary! Wishing you many, many more!



Rachel said...

Happy blogiversary!
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Aizess said...

Happy Blogiversary, Katie! Please enter me for both books. What a great giveaway!

You had 32 comments.

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Aizess said...

I forgot to say throughout this Blogiversary that I added your button on both of my blog's sidebars before you started this blog party. I don't know if that would count as 4 extra entries for each giveaway- you decide! Thank you for the fun party!

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Thanks! Happy Blog Anniversary!

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