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Kicking off the party on the high seas! (Day 1, Kaye Dacus)

Posted by Katie Garvin at 4:00 AM
Today is the DAY!

You did remember, right???? Ya know...the blog party I've been planning for the past month or so...lotsa great authors...awesome giveaways....ring a bell? *see all the cyber head-nods* Great! Okay, well, let's get this party rolling, then!

I've been SO excited about this party! For weeks I tried to think of a fun twist I can do with my blogiversary...and I think I finally figured it out! What is it? Well, you'll just haveta keep reading to see, right? Right!

Before we begin!

My last giveaway of 2011 ended yesterday, and I have selected a winner. So, before we get rolling with today's post, I wanted to announce it real quick. The lucky reader
who will be getting a copy of April Gardner's Warring Spirits in their mail box sometime soon is...

RubynReba (pbclark@...)

Congratulations, Ruby. I'll be sending you an email sometime later today to get your mailing address!! :-)

Down Memory Lane!

Since this is my second blogiversary -- which is supposed to be filled with memories, fun times, and gift-giving -- I thought it'd be neat to look at my first blogiversary. *shrug* I thought it would be something fun to include in my party this week. :-) So! Let's begin!

On that day, I made up some white chocolate chip cookies (that were seriously drool-worthy. Trust me!) and had over Melanie Dickerson and her debut book, The Healer's Apprentice. Have you read that one yet? It was really a neat read. :-)

Let's Talk With...

Yep, it's interview time! Except, instead of interviewing the author, I decided to add a twist to it...and interview the characters!!!

Too cool, eh??

So! Let's get right to it. Today, to start this party off, I have Ransome's Quest's two siblings, Michael Witherington and Julia Ransome! (Yeah, Julia married! ;-) 

Katie: Good morning, Michael, Julia. I’m so excited that you two could make it here today to help me celebrate. Just as a quick catch up, how are things with you two since I last heard from you from Kaye’s accounts of your high-seas adventures in Ransome’s Quest?

Julia: Since returning to Tierra Dulce I wish I could say everything had fallen right back into habit and peace; however, since we never had a chance to establish that, given everything that transpired almost as soon as we made port in Kingston Harbor, we seem to live in a state of uproar—what with the shock of Michael’s return as well as my father’s arrival and his big announcement. But I have enjoyed seeing William as often as possible, now that he is permanently on Jamaica station, which puts him at home quite often. We do, however, miss Michael and look forward to his return in six months with Serena.

Michael: Your query found me in Charleston, South Carolina, on my way back to Pennsylvania. It has been a somewhat treacherous journey, making sure to stay out of the line of fire from the British ships trying to blockade the coast. And though I am officially an American privateer, my crew is small and my aim is only to return to Philadelphia safely. Once there, I will marry Serena, sell my letter of marque to someone with the heart to continue that sort of work, and join my father-in-law’s shipping business.

Katie: How wonderful, Michael! And, Julia, I am sure you are glad to have William with you so often! How is it to have your long-lost brother Michael back?

Julia: As I never believed him dead, Michael’s return was a confirmation of my conviction. I just wish he’d trusted me enough to let me know all along. But that ship has long since sailed. It was hard to let him go, especially given the danger posed by the continuing war. The only way I would agree to let him go without taking me with him was when he told me he would be opening up a branch of his father-in-law’s business in Kingston within the year.

Katie: Oh how exciting! Awesome that you will have him with you again. Michael, how is it being back with your family again?

Michael: Because I kept a watch over Julia all my life, I never felt as if I was away from the family. I never expected to receive the reception I did, though, especially from my father. I have a lot of years of separation to make up for, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life doing so.

Katie: That sounds like a hard road, but one that is well worth the travel. Well, as Kaye might have mentioned to ya’ll, today is a pretty special day, as I’ve been blogging for 2 years now. Just out of curiosity…what has been a great achievement in your life, Michael? Julia?

Julia: If you had asked me that question a year ago, I would have said that running a successful plantation would have been my greatest achievement. However, recent events have put many things into perspective for me. I’d have to say now that my greatest achievement has been following my heart and allowing love—the love of my family and the love of my husband—to strengthen me to be able to overcome even the darkest of times.

Michael: When I look back on my life, I see failures in the things that I could call accomplishments, because so much of what I’ve done in my life was done because of jealousy and pain and misunderstanding. So I would have to say that my great achievement has been, like the prodigal son in the Bible, humbling myself and returning to my father to beg his forgiveness. Because doing that took more strength, courage, and stamina than anything I ever did before. And it’s gained me more, as well.

Katie: As I read about all that you both have gone through in Ransome’s Quest, I’m curious what you have learned through your experience. Any words of wisdom to share?

Julia: I learned that I do not have to, nor should I, try to do everything for myself. God put other people in my life, my husband especially, to work alongside me, to help me, to support me, and it would be wrong of me not to allow them to do so.

Michael: I learned that notions and perceptions we have as children may not always be the truth. I learned that family can sometimes forgive that which seems unforgivable. And I learned to forgive, even as I have been forgiven.

Katie: That's awesome, Julia and Michael. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview today. Safe sails homeward!

Time for Some Gift-Giving!

Alrighty, you ready for the first giveaway during this blogiverary?? Awesome! Since we are kicking this party off talking with some characters who've had many adventures on the high seas, one follower of my blog will win one of the books from Kaye Dacus' The Ransome Trilogy (winner's choice!). Pretty, sweet, isn't it? The main rules are the same as they've always been. You MUST be a follower and you MUST leave your email address. If not, I can't include you in the drawing.

Mandatory Entry:

For those of you who have read Ransome's Quest: When Julia is abducted by pirates, what did Julia break when her carriage tipped over?

For those who haven't read Ransome's Quest: Going back to the first day of my 1st blogiversary, how long after Melanie Dickerson wrote the first chapter of The Healer's Apprentice was it published?

Extra Entries:

- Old follower (+2) Thanks for being a faithful follower!
- New follower (+1) Just cuz I'm nice! :-D
- Tweet about this giveaway (+1 per tweet) Only 1 tweet per day. Leave a link.
- Post about giveaway on Facebook (+1)
- Post about this giveaway (+2)

All winners for this blogiversary will be posted on Monday, January 16th. So, the giveaway is open until then! :-)


Casey said...

*not an entry*

I remembered OF COURSE! ;-) Happy Blogiversary Katie!!! I'm excited to see what else is waiting for us. :D

Becki Badger said...

Hahahaha . . . The idea of interviewing characters is so awesome!!! I want to do that sometime! :)

Becki Badger said...

She was published four and a half years after writing the first chapter. That is a long time to wait. But, I guess it was worth it. :)

Katie McCurdy said...

Casey - Thank you for stopping by today! And thanks for the congrats.

Becki - Great, thanks for answering the question! Also be sure to leave your email address, or I can't throw your name in the hat! ;-) Thanks!

Julie said...

Happy Blogiversary Katie! Looking forward to a fun-filled week of celebration!

Julie said...

Also Katie, I posted about your party on my blog. Check it out here:

Julie @ My Only Vice

Brandi said...

Interviewing characters :-) What a great way to get to know the story and, if you're writing one, to get to know what makes your characters tick.

Carol Moncado said...

Okay - I admit it. I didn't read the blog.

Because Kaye said it was spoilery and I haven't read them yet. I only have book 1 [and it's still not read either :p]. BUT see, if I were to WIN one... I could read them :D.

I'm a new follower or will be momentarily. ;)


Becki Badger said...

Whoops, sorry. Becki@BadgerEMail.NET

Anne Payne said...

*not entering*

I just wanted to say Happy Day and thank you for the time you put into having such a fun and informative blog!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through Goodreads. This is great. I love the interview using characters. You've got a new follower today! I'm SF from Goodreads.

wfnren said...

Great sounding characters! Happy Blogiversary.


wfnren said...

+2 for being an old GFC follower, wfnren.


wfnren said...

+1 for tweeting this at:!/wfnren/status/156459077466193920


Margaret said...

4 and a half years after is the answer to your question above.

old follower (+2)

Thanks for the giveaway!


wfnren said...

+1 for posting on Facebook, Wendy Newcomb here:


wfnren said...

+2 for blogging this at Wren's Thoughts here:


Katie McCurdy said...

Julie - Awesome! Thanks for spreading the word, friend!

Brandi - Yeah, isn't it?! I plan to make this a regular event (interviewing characters) on LoaW.

Carol - That's okay! Yeah, I ended up taking out some of the interview questions and answers, because it gave away too much. But it's better to be safe then sorry. I've got you included in the giveaway!

Becki - Gotcha

Anne - Thank you! LoaW has been SO much fun to do these past two years. I hope it continues on for many more years.

SF - Awesome, so glad you found me through Goodreads. That's a great site. I visit it more than I do Facebook! Haha!

Wfnren - You've been busy, girl! I've gotcha down, though. Thanks for spreadin' the word!

Margaret - Yep, roughly 4 1/2 years from the time she started till publishing. I find that so amazing! :-) I love hearing author's stories to publication. Gotcha entered!

Melanie ~ Christian Bookshelf Reviews said...

Happy Blogoversary!!

In answer to the mandatory question, since I haven't read Ransome's Quest, 4 1/2 years is how long it took before The Healer's Apprentice was published!

frequentreader19 (at) gmail (dot) com

+2 Old follower


Faye said...

Happy Blogoversary! It must be so exciting to remember all the good times on your blog in the past. It was fun reading the character interview, thouhg I admitt that having never read the books, I am now very intrigued and a bit lost. LOL.
Have a wonderful week!

Please enter me
I"m a follower
4 1/2 years!

crazi.swans at gmail dot com

Ali said...

New follower and I totally like the idea of interviewing characters.
Ali from Ny

Bookworm said...

Congrats on your blogiversary:)

She got published four and a half years after she wrote the first chapter.

(+2) for being an old follower

ccbookworm24_7 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Katie McCurdy said...

Melanie - Thank you for the warm wishes, my blogging friend! I look forward to visiting your party!

Faye - Hey girl! Haha, well, I hope it got you itching to get the books! This series was great--the kind that needs to be read in order and as quickly as possible! least I thought so, haha, as I read all three books in just a few days. :-)

Ali - Thanks for becoming a new follower! Welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy the posts I put out. :-)

Bookworm - Yep, 4 1/2 years is right! And I've gotcha down for being an old follower. Thanks for sticking with LoaW!!

Charity said...

Congrats Katie! We took an unexpected trip over the weekend so I wasn't able to get over here when you started but I wanted to jump over real quick. I would love to be entered in this giveaway. And the answer to your question is, 4 1/2 years. Wow! What a long time. But at least she held strong in her writing.
Thanks again for hosting this party! Enjoying it:)


Charity said...

+2 I am an old follower. Well, not that old, but you know what I mean:)


Charity said...

And I tweeted today:) 1/10!/kingsdaughter24/status/156775968869072896


apple blossom said...

4 & 1/2 years


ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

apple blossom said...

old follower #2

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

apple blossom said...

tweeted giveaway!/1apple_blossom/status/156836862458212352

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Gwendolyn Gage said...

Dickerson was published four and a half years after writing the first chapter. Thanks for the chance to win Ransome's Quest!


Megan said...

Happy 2nd Blogoversary!

I haven't read Ransome's Quest, so I will answer the second question.

Q.How long after Melanie Dickerson wrote the first chapter of The Healer's Apprentice was it published?

A. 4 1/2 years

+2 Old GFC follower

lovetoread205 [at] gmail [dot] com

Evangeline said...

The book was published almost 4 1/2 years after Melanie wrote the first chapter.

Old follower!


Total no. of entries: 3

Thanks for the giveaway!


4readin said...

Sounds great! Thanks for the interview!

+1 Melanie Dickerson's book was not published until about 41/2 years after the first chapter was written.

+2 I am an old follower of your lovely blog.

Thanks again!!

Katie McCurdy said...

Charity - So glad you could make it! No worries about being late--the party is still going strong! :-)

Apple Blossom - Gotcha down. Thanks for tweeting!

Gwendolyn - Yep, 4 1/2 years it is! Got you included in the giveaway.

Megan - You are added. Thanks for joining in the blogiversary! Hope ya win something this week!

Evangeline - Thanks for tweeting, I've got your three entries. :-)

4Readin - I've added your entries! Thank you for following my blog!

Aizess said...

Please enter me in this giveaway! I'm sure I'll enjoy an adventure on the seas:-)

Melanie Dickerson got published four and a half years after she wrote her first chapter of The Healer's Apprentice.

Aizess said...

I am a newer follower.

Melissa said...

I haven't read Ransome's Quest. So the answer to the question is it was published 4 1/2 years after she wrote the first chapter.

Old follower +2

bookcrazy124 at gmail dot com

Melissa said...


bookcrazy124 at gmail dot com

Melanie said...

I blogged about this giveaway on my giveaway blog! :)

frequentreader19 (at) gmail (dot) com

apple blossom said...


ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

apple blossom said...

posted the giveaway on my blog#1

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

apple blossom said...

posted the giveaway on my blog#2

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Rachelle said...

Of course I remembered! It's been a busy week at school and I've waited until Saturday to scroll through all of these awesome interviews, but how could I forget!? You throw a great blog party, Katy! I hope you're enjoying it as much as we are! :) And, on a general scale, thank you for being so generous with all of these giveaways! :)

I knew right away I wanted to enter this one. I love swashbuckling pirate adventures. Anything with a tall ship, I'm in! :) M.L. Tyndall did it to me. :)

Anyway, Melanie Dickerson waited 4 1/2 years for publication after writing the first chapter of the fabulous Healer's Apprentice. Such a great read.

biblioprincess15 (at) yahoo (dot) com

rubynreba said...

Happy Blogiversary!
4 1/2 years later it was published.

I am an old follower.


buddyt said...

Thanks for the giveaway and happy blogoversary.

If the giveaway is pen to worldwide entries, please enter me.

Answer: almost four and a half years


Carol T

I am a new Follower via GFC as buddyt

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

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