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Intriguing and completely compelling!! (TNT Blog Tour)

Posted by Katie Garvin at 5:00 AM
About the Author:

Jill Williamson is a novelist, dreamer, and believer. Growing up in Alaska led to a love of books, and in 2010 her first novel, By Darkness Hid, won the Christy Award. She loves working with teenagers and gives writing workshops at libraries, schools, camps, and churches. Jill lives in Oregon with her husband and two children. Visit Jill online at

About Replication:

Martyr---otherwise known as Jason 3:3---is one of hundreds of clones kept in a remote facility called Jason Farms. Told that he has been created to save humanity, Martyr has just one wish before he is scheduled to 'expire' in less than a month. To see the sky. Abby Goyer may have just moved to Alaska, but she has a feeling something strange is going on at the farm where her father works. But even this smart, confident girl could never have imagined what lies beneath a simple barn. Or what would happen when a mysterious boy shows up at her door, asking about the stars. As the reality of the Jason Experiment comes to light, Martyr is caught between two futures---the one for which he was produced and the one Abby believes God created him to have. Time is running out, and Martyr must decide if a life with Abby is worth leaving everything he's ever known.

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Want to continue having fun with Jill Williamson and Replication? Check out the fun website she set up --

My Review:

I am not a very big fan of fantasy, sci-fi, or paranormal books. In fact, the majority of books I’ve read in these genres, I didn’t like. Not so with Jill Williamson and her newest book, Replication! Taking the very interesting and touchy subject of human cloning, she spins a fantastic and gripping tale about Jason:3:3—nicknamed Martyr—and his desire to see the sky before he expires…in less than 30 days.

I really liked getting to know Abby in Replication. She seemed to have such a sweet personality, and yet she had such a “teenage-ish” feel with the way her scenes are written…they were all wonderfully done. And whenever a scene was written from Martyr’s perspective, it was so unique. The way he describes things he’s never seen—TV, runny eggs, a pregnant woman—was so innocently sweet—I even laughed at a few humorous moments.

Coupled with a great cast of characters, Williamson also created an intense and suspenseful plot that kept the reader on edge. Especially for the last half of the book—it just took off! Written for the YA genre, there wasn’t thing questionable within the book that younger teen readers might have a problem with it. And while Replication is in the YA genre, I think readers of all ages would enjoy this adventure!

If there’s one thing I love most in reading, is when the author can grab my attention from the beginning and never have a dull moment—and Jill Williamson did just that in Replication! I was riveted to the pages, intrigued by the characters, and completely lost in the suspense and action!

I reviewed this book for Team Novel Teen Blog Tour. Special thanks to the author for sending me a review copy. It was not required that I give a positive review, but solely to express my own thoughts and opinions of this book, which I have done.

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Sarah F. said...

I can't visit a book blog without running into this book. So now it's official. I am going to get my hands on a copy some way some how!
Thanks for posting!
~Sarah F.

Melanie said...

Hi Katie! I enjoyed reading your review! :)

Here is the link to mine (with a giveaway)


Crystal said...

This sounds like a book I'd love! I need to get it soon!

Thanks for the great review Katie!

Sheri Salatin said...


Jill Williamson said...

Thanks for the review, Katie! I'm so glad that you gave some science fiction a try and liked it!



Katie McCurdy said...

Sarah - Haha, that's because its a great book worth talking about! If you like sci-fi at ALL, then you definitely need to get a hold of this book!

Melanie - Thanks for the link! I plan to visit everyone's blog tonight or tomorrow. I look forward to reading your post! :-)

Crystal - I think you'd like it. I admit I had my doubts about it...and they were all completely unfounded. Loved it!

Sheri - It sounds a bit strange -- a book on cloning -- but you warm up to the idea readily once starting Replication and I was completely sucked into the story.

Jill - Yeah, I'm glad I did! I was a bit worried, when signing up for this tour, that I wouldn't like it. But since I've read your books before and loved 'em, I was pretty confident you wouldn't disappoint. And I was right! :-)

Out of curiosity...might there be a sequel or continuation of Marty and Abby's story in the future???

Jill Williamson said...

I don't know if there will be a sequel. I'd like to write them, but I've got several books to write first. I suppose it depends on how well the book does. I'll keep you posted.

Rachelle Rea said...

Ditto, Katie! I wasn't sure I would like this book, but from all the good I was hearing about it, I knew I had to find a Jill Williamson book to read one way or another! And she did NOT disappoint. :)

Christian Miles said...

Great review!! I was completely lost in this book, too. :)

Katie McCurdy said...

Jill - Well, then, I hope it sells well! :-)

Rachelle - Yeah, I wasn't too sure, but was confident in Jill.

Christian - Thanks! Yeah, it was so easy to dive into this book and not resurface till the end. Glad you liked it, too!

Evangeline said...

I laughed out loud at the part where Marty questioned Abby about the guy's pregnancy. :D I liked the way the humorous scenes helped to elevate some of the tension. Good review!

Deb said...

Hi, Katie,
I'm an over-60, so I never know if I'm doing that Rafflecopter thingie right! LOL Anyway, I'm your new "follower" and have "Networked" with you. And, I tweeted about your giveaway. I'm very interested in this book which I've seen a couple of times. Love your review of it...and I see we're reviewing for a couple of the same tour groups. :] You're doing a great job!

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