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Interview & (Special!) Giveaway - Roseanna White

Posted by Katie Garvin at 7:59 AM
Not sure if many of y'all knew, but I was selected to be one of the judges on the INSPY Award for the Mystery/Thriller category. (If you don't know what the INSPY is, check out there website!) It was a really wonderful experience being a judge this year, and I am excited to say that we have selected a winner and those books have been announced! 

I was really excited that The Bishop won the INSPY award for 2011. That book was A-MAZ-ING!! Really. Wow, it was good! I'll be posting my review of it in a few days/weeks. But don't worry about missing it--I'll be raving about it so loudly...I don't think it'll be possible for you to overlook it! ;-)

Welcome back, Roseanna! It’s always such a pleasure having you on Legacy of a Writer! For those of you who missed my previous interviews with Roseanna, you can read the first one HERE (Which was my first interview/giveaway I ever did on LoaW!) and the second one HERE.

So, let’s get this interview rolling! For anyone who might not know you, can you tell us a little about yourself?

It’s so great to be back! I live in the mountains of Maryland with my hubby of 10 years and my two adorable young children. I homeschool the oldest (youngest is only 3 with an attention span of about 3-minutes, LOL), and spend most of my free minutes at my laptop, writing, editing for WhiteFire Publishing, or managing the Christian Review of Books. I attended St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland . . . which is what inspired my latest book. =)

You went to college in Annapolis? Wow, that is TOO cool! How many books have you published?  What are their names, and who are they published by?

My first two are Biblical fiction from my hubby’s company, WhiteFire Publishing. A Stray Drop of Blood followed a Hebrew slave girl through the events of the crucifixion, and Jewel of Persia is about another of the wives in Xerxes’ harem, best friend to Esther.

My new one is Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland from Summerside Press. This one jumps forward in time a few centuries to 1783-84, for those short months when Annapolis was the temporary capital of the U.S.

I have had the privilege of reading all three, and let me tell you...they are all awesome! Definitely earns a spot on a readers permanent bookshelf! But! Let's get back on track ;-) ... Is there another author who has greatly influenced your writing?

So many! My earliest influences were L. M. Montgomery and Lori Wick. Then came Francine Rivers. Once I joined a writing community and began making friends with the wonderful authors populating the CBA, though, the list became too numerous to keep track of!

I can see how Francine Rivers would inspire you to write biblical fiction! So how do you get the inspiration for your book, Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland?

It’s kind of two-fold. Right after college, I was reading this series of books set right around the Revolution. In one of them, there were these fleeting mentions of secondary characters who were betrothed but unhappy, very cool with one another. At the end, they ended their engagement. I believe a later book was about this woman finding “real” love (never read that far, LOL), which got me thinking. The man she was “finally free” from was perfectly decent. What if they had fought to make it work instead of seeking someone else (which is certainly what their families at the time would have encouraged them to do)? What if, after an initial breakup, they realized what they had lost?

That idea simmered for a while without a firm setting. But when my agent kept chanting “American-set historicals!” at me, I dug it back up and did some research into Annapolis of the day, a city I knew well and loved. I discovered so many interesting facts about the “Athens of America” as it was called, that I just knew I had to set Lark’s story there. Only, no one was interested in a Colonial/Early Federal story at the time. So back on the someday shelf it went for another year. At which point Summerside, upon rejecting a contemporary they’d thought would be a go, asked if I had any historical ideas for Maryland.

My agent and I both thought Annapolis was a long shot, but we pitched it—and they loved it! And here we are. =)

Wow, what an amazing story! And too cool that they asked for a historical in Maryland...the very state that you had already wanted your story to be set in! What scene do you think was the hardest for you to write?

Chapter four. Because, well, it was chapter four, LOL. See when we pitched the idea, they said, “Get us a proposal!” So I, in a week, hammered out three chapters and a synopsis. And . . . waited. And waited. I saw no point in writing more, because I already knew no one else was going to snap it up, and I was hard at work on Jewel of Persia. I finally checked in nine months later, at which my editor said, “Oh, yeah, we have it penciled into our 2012 line. I’ll need to see more in the new year. March or so.”

This was November. So I thought, “Eh, I’ll finish up this other stuff first . . .” It was January before I finally sat down to it again, 11 months after I wrote those first three chapters. Not something I recommend! LOL. It took me two weeks to force myself through chapter four, to get my brain back into the story. And then a week to write the next three. ;-)

Wow, talk about a writing crunch time! Do you have a favorite scene that you just love to go back to and reread?

The Bay scene. My favorite by far, and early readers are claiming the same. =) This is the scene were my hero and heroine are face-to-face again for the first time in weeks, since a rather explosive split. And while dear Emerson thinks Lark’s just going to fall into his arms and go home to Williamsburg with him, Lark doesn’t quite agree. What ensues is a race through Annapolis that my friend Kimberly and I plotted out last December when we were visiting the city for my research. We, like Lark, started at the State House steps and then figured out where she would run, where it would lead her, and how to best get her where I needed her to go, right by the docks. So much fun!

That sounds like a ton of fun to plot out! :-) I enjoyed the bay scene. A LOT! I mean, how fun is it to have a little chase through the streets...from the guy you were engaged to? Too cool! Is there a message to this book? What do you hope your readers will get out of the story?

All my stories have themes of hope, but this one also has a message of liberty—that we are truly free only when we give up our wills to the Lord, when we’re willing to love without bounds.

Yes, liberty was woven through the story very well, and from many point of views! If Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland was turned into a movie, which actors do you think would best portray what you imagined for your main characters? Can you describe a few main physical features that they have?

Emerson, tall, dark, and handsome as he is, should be played by John Gidding. (Isn’t he adorable??) (Katie here! Just had to say....omw, YES he is!!! ;-) Though John would have to grow his hair out—typical of his day, Emerson had shoulder-length hair always tied back at the nape. He would have powdered it only for the most formal of occasions. ;-)

Lark is more of a challenge for me. I’d originally modeled her on Dakota Fanning, with honey-colored hair neither blond nor brown. But when Summerside presented me with my totally awesome cover, it was with the instruction to make Lark match the model—who is so beautiful that I happily complied. =) So Lark became a darker brunette, and I think Nikki Reed is the closest actress I’ve seen to her, though my Lark has dark blue eyes, described as “a slip of moonstone caught in shadow.” =) She’s a beautiful young woman who’s used to be eclipsed by her sister and cousin and so has no idea how lovely she really is.

Well, I really love the model they used on the cover. SOOO gorgeous! Do you have any other books in the making? Can you give us a lil’ sneak peak of what it’s going to be about?

I do! Though right now I’m writing another Love Finds You book, it looks like the next to hit production will be another Revolutionary era one. This is what I call my “Revolutionary War spy romance.” Tentatively titled Ring of Secrets, it has one of the best one-liners I’ve ever come up with (watch the publisher change it! LOL)

For a Patriot daughter in Loyalist New York, opening her heart could mean a noose around her neck.

Following the real-life actions of the Culper Ring, General Washington’s premier group of spies, I use a fictional heroine, Winter, caught in a world of duplicity to bring the history to life, and one of my favorite heroes ever—Bennet is a bumbling chemistry professor from Yale College who can’t put two words together around a female. Until he meets the oh-so-intriguing Winter, who’s so very puzzling he forgets to be awkward.

You are gunna be a busy woman here in the near future! And I can't wait! (Yeah, kinda selfish...but your stories are just so awesome and unique!!!) What are two things that people wouldn't normally know about you as a writer and or person?

Well, I got married at 18-almost-19. Young, yes, but for all the right reasons. =) I knew at 15 that David was the guy for me, and I haven’t regretted a moment of our 10 years together. Now a deep, dark secret—I’m addicted to Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer. But as addictions go, it’s not an unhealthy one to have, especially since the stores only stock it for a few months a year. ;-)

Wowza, so, like, at my age you were already married! Too neat! Anything else about writing, yourself, or your books you’d like to add? Where can people find you?

2012 is going to be a very full writing year for me, and 2013 a year of MANY releases! (Katie here again! I can't wait for those releases!!!) So I hope everyone enjoys LFY in Annapolis, because it looks like I’ll have four books coming out in in 2013. You can keep up to date on what and when by dropping by my website, blog, or Facebook page.


Yup, today's giveaway is different. Special. Instead of just the normal book giveaway, Roseanna has offered you a chance to earn more entries in her Great Annapolis Giveaway! Don't know what that is? Well check out this link to find out what all is included in the big prize. 

Isn't that just awesome? 

Alright, so here's the deal. By participating here, you can earn up to TWO addition entries into the big giveaway. How? Let me explain!

Extra Entry One -  Answer this question from Roseanna: If you had to pick the fashion from one historical era to wear, which decade would you choose?
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Oh, also, there is just a little catch. (Always hasta be, doesn't there?) Well, I promise you it's not to bad. It's just that these extra entries into the giveaway won't be open for forever. Nope. This opportunity for TWO extra entries into the Great Annapolise Giveaway goes until the 25th of this month, at midnight



Roseanna White said...

So glad to visit again, Katie!! Your questions are always a lot of fun. =)

Lane Hill House said...

Loose clothing; no corsets, stays, or waist-clinching for me! Shifts would be great with cotton underneath and leggings. I could draw it for you, but not sure what historical era this is... hmmm, will have to research that.

Lane Hill House said...

I am a follower of this blog.

sugarpeach said...

If I had to pick, I'd choose a Middle Ages decade. Some of the formal gowns during that time is really gorgeous. :)

Hayden said...

Well, I would really prefer to wear a different era period gown every day of the week. Middle Ages on Monday, Regency on Tuesday, Edwardian Era on Wednesday... :) But if I had to pick one era to dress in all the time I'd say maybe 40s or 50s, just because it would be more comfortable than corsets and hoopskirts :)

Hayden said...

I follow this blog.

Charity U said...

Don't enter me, please. But I had to stop in and say, Roseanna was my very first interview too! For "Jewel of Persia." Sadly, I was unable to host her for this blog tour, but hopefully someday I'll read this book! LOVE that cover. :)

Anne Payne said...

Every time I read another interview or review about this book it just makes me that more eager to get it!!! If I could only find it local I would already have one :)

Which decade would I choose to wear a fashion from? Well, I don't know about decade but I would say Regency Era. Although corseted, the dress seems a little more simplistic. I'm not much on fluff!

I'm a follower!

Wendy said...

I would love to wear the dresses from the 1800's.
I am a follower.

Mad Pudding said...

I already thought about this long ago.I would really love to wear the dress in 19th century.I love the gown hahah

Mad Pudding said...

oh and my email is lemoney.ade@gmail.com

Dawn said...

I think I'd want to do the Civil War fashions. I've always loved the hoops skirts and things, I just don't like the idea of the corsets!

I'm a new follower.

Dawn said...

And I forgot to enter my email.


Loraine Ertelt said...

I would go back to the late 1800's with the big billowing skirts and all the lace and trim.


Loraine Ertelt said...

I am a follower of this blog.

ann said...

I like the dresses but anything with a corset or big hoop or those tight tied laced up shoes -forget it . Probaly the civil war era is what I would pick
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ann said...

I am a GFC follower of yours-amhengst
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